Lii Mohamed

Candidate for Union President

  • Be transparent and improve our communication
  • Engage all students at all sites
  • Be Brave and Lead
  • nurture our students talent

Why vote for me?

S’up guys, my name’s Lii and I’m running to be your next Union President!

Due to the 500 word limit, I’m forced to explain briefly why I am your best candidate for this role. However please click ‘here’ to read my manifesto in greater detail to shine further light on my vision!

Simply put, the Union is out of touch with its core audience – the students, and this is frankly unacceptable. Despite some developments within the Union, we are experiencing the same procedures, same failures and the same excuses! But here is how we can change it:

  1. Transparency and Communication:

The Union is consistently accused of putting commerce before the well-being and pleasures of the student body. If we aspire to be the greatest Union in the country, here is how was can achieve this:

  • Being more robust: Straight talking and honest!
  • Accountability on all matters
  • Openness regarding our finance
  • Consultation over redevelopment
  • New and improved website and intranet
  1. Engage all students at all campuses:

The Union’s visible presence on satellite campuses should be increased in order to create an inclusive environment that the entire student body can feel part of. So we need to:

  • Establish a better presence of the union everywhere
  • Make Clubs and Societies a prominent pillar of the Union
  • Adjust and adapt to the different campuses and groups of students we have: Satellite campuses (WSA, SGH etc.), International students, Postgrads, BAME and Final Years
  • Offer valuable schemes to cultivate our student’s talents: Accreditation scheme
  1. Time to be Brave!

If we want change, we need to work together to create it. Let’s use our voice, with the Union as the leading institution, to secure the change and support we deserve. Students do not feel that the Union stands up for them, which is an automatic fail! So here is what we will do:

  • Lobby the university on issues that matter to our students
  • Encourage activism and political engagement: Let’s have free, frank and open discussions
  • Celebrate and be proud of what our students achieve! We’re here to nurture talent, so why are we not showing it off?

Why Lii?

There are various reasons why you can put your trust in me to lead our Students’ Union next year. I believe in our Union and have always tried to help improve it. I’ve been the President of Glen Eyre, the Law Society president twice, Student Trustee twice, Equality and Diversity Officer and the Campaign Officer for RAG! Most importantly however, I’m passionate, practical, driven, realistic and approachable. I say it how it is and IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

I’ll bring a fresh face, fresh perspective and a unified visionSIMPLE!



Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

Would you help the relevant person push for The Stag's to change their food selection? I don't know a single person who does not think that Stag's pizza is worse than Tesco Value pizza, but twice the price.

Hey, thanks for the question! Sure thing, simple answer is definitely! If there is concerns about the services we offer not meeting the standards of our students then I'm all game for changing it. As you'll probably agree, it would have to be a common theme shared amongst more than a single student, but if there is enough interest then yeah! Just to let you know, you can submit this currently on 'you make change' and hopefully see a change come about

This question was also asked to Matt Cowley, Shanelle Webb, Emily Dawes, Tom PethickAnswered by Lii on 19/02/18 09:36

Your manifesto points are good, but also a bit vague; how do you plan to celebrate what the students achieve?

Hi, Thanks for the question! I apologise for the manifesto being a bit vague, it was difficult putting all my passion into 500 words. However, I have made a more detailed version which i have posted on my FB Page (hyperlinked on my manifesto on this website), so please check it out! Back to your question. I want any achievement our student groups and societies achieved to be acknowledged and for everyone to know we are proud of them. Whether this comes in the form of bulletins sent out, notice board put around campus or to having trophy stands situated in public places! I want all Sabbs to shout about the success, regardless whether the student, group or society is not in their zone. I want to use our website to publicly congratulate these achievement on our home page, so everyone who access our website can see these. These are just a small amount of what i wish to do, and have loads more running around in my head! If you want to know more, please hit me up!

This question was also only asked to LiiAnswered by Lii on 23/02/18 09:29

How do you plan to establish a better presence of the union everywhere?

Hi, Thanks for the question. I have outlined this in my more detailed manifesto on my FB page, so please check it out. If you can't get access to it, then please message me and ill happily send it over to you! Back to your question! I want the Union to have a presence every, whether that is a physical presence or something such as a notice board. I want to stipulated that each Sabb has to spend a certain minimum number of hours on each campuses and also encourage the Union at large to be booking out spaces on other campus to have meeting and so forth. This year VP Communities ensured that not all meetings were on Highfield, but spread across various campuses. I want this to be the case with ALL Sabbs, including myself. I also want to ensure that we have Union notice boards situated everywhere, which will have all the latest and up-to-date information posted on. So no matter which campus people are on, they all have a fair and equal chance to know about Union events and dealings. These are a few of what I wish to achieve. Please hit me up and we can speak more about what else i envisage Thanks!

This question was also only asked to LiiAnswered by Lii on 23/02/18 09:22

Do you have any plans to specifically help the male students on campus? When I see so much focus on sexual consent and awareness I sometimes worry about the language that is being used and how men are often being generalised into an enemy. It's not rape or sexual assault if you regret it the morning after, for example. How are you going to ensure that men's issues are well represented?

S,up! Thanks for the question! OMG I GET YOU!!! You may not be aware but i was one of people who set up SCA and honesty it has become this amazing thing now! However, I absolutely get where you are coming from, so the year I was the brand ambassador for Movember and helped raise over £7,000 for mens health - showing our students care about mens issues! I do feel that men's issue is not well represented, and sometimes pushed aside. BUT NO MORE! I really want to make it aware that all genders face issues and all genders should be helped and given attention. For mens health, I want to increase awareness and ensure events such as Movember is accepted and made into a bigger thing on campus! I really want to work with the SCA group to also focus on men's issues when it comes to sexual consent and awareness and help start up programms that our students cans nurture and grow. Overall, I really am a keen advocate for men's health and I do want this to be on the agenda and I appreciate there are other students such as yourself who also feels this. Please message me and lets talk. I'm sure we can make greatness happen! Thanks!

This question was also asked to Matt Cowley, Shanelle Webb, Emily Dawes, Tom PethickAnswered by Lii on 23/02/18 09:37

Do you think a dating app is an appropriate place to campaign for your role? You were initially my first choice candidate, but to have a tinder profile dedicated to your campaign belittles the importance of the role and it comes across as a bit of a joke.

Hey! Thanks for the question. I really understand your point, but I would urge you to remember this is a student election and tinder is a portal that has a lot of our students on. I really want to engage with students, and unfortunately we just don't have enough students on one portal, so it is difficult to reach everyone. Tinder unfortunately solves this. I also wanted to remain light hearted and not turn this election process into a serious all consuming process where students just get bogged down with loads of information, but something that students can engage with and talk to their mates about. I genuinely and honestly apologise if you considered this inappropriate and I just want to reassure you that it was not done as a flippant action and was not supposed to be perceived as that! I have tried to make the profile as explicit as possible to illustrate that it is a campaign profile rather than a real profile, to avoid deceiving people. I hope I still have your trust and your vote. If you have any other questions, please ask me on here or on Facebook!

This question was also only asked to LiiAnswered by Lii on 23/02/18 09:14

Are you aware that you haven’t actually provided a longer version of your manifesto in that link in your “Why vote for me?”?

Hey there, Thanks for bring that to my attention. I have realised this. Facebook keeps removing the attachment for a strange reason every time I upload it. BUT I think I've beat the system! I've now uploaded them as pictures and have posted them on my Facebook and instagram page - Please have a read! Again, thanks for activity noticing and bringing it up! YOU da MVP haha

This question was also only asked to LiiAnswered by Lii on 25/02/18 12:46

I have two questions: 1) What are your policies on dealing with union staff or Saabs who are not doing their job? Would there be a portal where students or volunteer officers can report that? If so, who would the complaint reach? And would sufficient action be taken against them? 2) How do you plan to address the 'clique' culture in SUSU? Many students are against joining the union for this reason and have a negative view of the union. In my experience, many times information is passed on through who you're friends with rather than what you role is, which understandably causes friction. Are you aware of this issue? If so, do you have any plans to address or change it?

Hey, lets get cracking 1. So, of course I believe that Sabbs and Union staff are at all points accountable for their actions and what they do. I have a range of policies I wish to put through such as improving the senate and making it a more efficient and effective body. I want to make it an accountable body, which is more transparent and communicates with the general student body on a larger scale. I want to also improve the disciplinary procedure, and the disciplinary board, to ensure that we have maxim student consultation and involvement as we can. Ultimately I wish to ensure that students are well represented, and where, unfortunately a Sabb or union staff are not doing their job or have done something wrong, I want them to know that our members are not happy I also mentioned on my manifesto that I wish to establish an informal accountability committee. Questions regarding whether goals are being met or what a Sabb is achieving in goal should not be shied away from. If students are curious it’s our job to alleviate any concerns they have. this informal body would have all open seats, so any student can attend, once a semester to hold the Union and Sabbs to account! 2. As much as people wish to deny the clique does not exist, it does! I appreciate and understand that this has such a negative connotation attached to it, but if we look deeply into it, it’s just a group of students who all have a deep interest in the union and have formed a friendship around that. However, the negativity arises due to it being perceived as a group that is not open and inclusive but only allows selected people to join. This is not on I want to make sure every student feels as if they are equally part of SUSU and I think what we first have to do is stop with using the word ‘clique’. When and where this group forms, we should ensure that it is a welcoming group and that anyone who wishes to get involved can and feels comfortable to do so. Though myself and the VPs, we need to get rid of the current negative culture and constantly keep our eye on it. I want to speak to students who feel this is the case, and see how we can change it from their perspective. The more people who help raise suggestions, the better and more inclusive our action can be, helping loads more students. The union is there for everyone, and everyone equally, that’s why one of my 3 core points is to cater to ALL students at ALL campuses. Thanks again for asking this question and sorry if it is too long. I’m just so passionate and is something I wanted to address for sooooooo long! It’s a real issue! XD

This question was also asked to Matt Cowley, Shanelle Webb, Emily Dawes, Tom PethickAnswered by Lii on 25/02/18 13:10

As someone who has been a Trustee twice, a student leader and a candidate for President before, can you explain anything you’ve done to make SUSU more open and accountable previously that can give me a reason to think you’d actually deliver what you promise?

Hey, Awesome question Whilst I’ve held these roles, I have tried my best to source information and make them as transparent as possible. Whilst a trustee and a student leader, I have constantly been asking question to become clear on the ins and outs of the Union from all perspective, and have always asked what level of information I could share with the general student body. As you may be aware, there was loads of information which I was not able to go out and share as they were told in confidence, however, as president I really want to break down what I can tell everyone and what I can’t. So that way, I can maximise what we can share. Something that I can’t currently do in my capacity, that I would be able to do as president! As an ex candidate before, I was very vocal about everything I found out during my run for the role, and used that period to engage with as many students as possible. I really tried, but looking back at hindsight, I was probably a little naïve. Throughout all the roles I have taken on, I have used them to really engage with students and see what questions they have and fed that back to the Union. The limited power associated with my roles meant that I couldn’t make key decisions or implementations without approval, but what I can say is that I tried. These roles were a platform which has shown what I could do on a greater scale regarding communications and transparency, leading me to want to make, and being able to make, the Union more open and accountable!

This question was also only asked to LiiAnswered by Lii on 27/02/18 12:15

On one of your circulating facebook book posts you mention strikes, however I haven't seen you at a single picket line, nor the emergency education zone meeting about strikes, nor any student group meetings about supporting the strikes and pressuring the VC. Why are you paying lip service to something you clearly don't have a passion for?

Hi, Interesting you mentioned this. As you may be aware, it was not me who circulated those facebook post, but a student who took time to speak to me about issues that were concerning them. Amongst discussion, the topic of strikes came up to which I shared my opinion and I guess he agreed and liked what he heard. It is also interesting that you state I do not have a passion for something I have actively been involved in and have discussed with various different groups of people. Do not tell me whether I have a passion for something or not! I wouldn’t do the same, therefore I won’t stand for someone to make false statements about me. Simple. I have indeed been to a picket line and have also attended student group meetings discussing the strikes and the VC role and action. I have always been actively open about the way I feel about this situation; therefore, it is rather disappointing that you are throwing around such assertions. Just because you ain't seen me don't mean I ain't been doing my bit. My email is lm15g14 and my facebook is Lii mohamed, I’d appreciate it if you’d message me and get to know what I’ve been doing and advocating for instead of making assertions which are fallacious Good day!

This question was also only asked to LiiAnswered by Lii on 02/03/18 02:52


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