Tom Pethick

Candidate for Union President

  • Bring back the period in SUSU. Southampton Union!
  • Paint the Safety Buses Yellow so people know what to catch!
  • Open American Diner in SUSU. Southampton Union!
  • Ban All Guns From SUSU. Southampton Union
  • Set up an American Soccer Society!

Why vote for me?

I’m a natural born leader. I love to serve, and I mean more than a tennis match. For a modern-day moderate American Republican, I’ve got plenty of spine. I saw the position available for Prime Minister of SUSU. Southampton Union, and knew I had to use my shot, take a gap semester from Midwestern. I believe in old fashioned attitudes with a modern spin. I always tuck my shirt in. I’m passionate. I’m spunky. I always wear my fanny pack.

I’ve never been to the British Isles. Nor the Isles of Wales. Or the Ireland Islands. But I understand the Britishers. I like hot tea. I’ve never once visited a dentist. My favourite sexual position is ‘repressed’.

I’m a second amendment man. That means I like guns. But here in the most United of Kingdoms, we don’t need guns. So I propose we ban them entirely from YOUR Southampton Union. Hell, with my work – this place could be one of the top 5 SUSU’s in the country by 2020.

“I’m not asking you to vote for me, I’m just asking you to check the box next to my name.”

Questions & Answers Ask me a Question

Hi, could you possibly give a further explanation as to your point about banning guns from SUSU? I'm a little confused!

Hello gentle civilian! Firstly, thank you for your question. The inquisitive mind is the greatest tool of the modern hunter. Today, the pen (or the keyboard!) really is mightier than the sword. Speaking of weaponry, back to guns. The only guns I want on show are my biceps and triceps, and the heavy canon gun with which I blow away my opposition. America needs guns. With so much crime, you need a little glock or a Smith & Wesson to protect yourself from all the armed robbery. But here in your most United of Kingdoms, guns aren't needed. So I've moved to ban them entirely from YOUR SUSU. Southampton Union !

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Would you help the relevant person push for The Stag's to change their food selection? I don't know a single person who does not think that Stag's pizza is worse than Tesco Value pizza, but twice the price.

Great question, my beautiful friend. I totally agree with this one, having recently had a serious issue with The Stagses pizza myself. I was, for want of a better phrase, shitting myself silly for several hours in the depths of the union. It looked like a tornado had torn through a pig farm when I was done with that place. So yes, I'd get a deal with Domino's that they serve fresh PIPIN HOT PIZZA right out of The Stagses, for the same price as now.

This question was also asked to Matt Cowley, Shanelle Webb, Emily Dawes, Lii MohamedAnswered by Tom on 28/02/18 16:17

As an American who has not engaged with our union before this election, do you think it shows poorly on SUSU. Union Southampton that you put forward more policy ideas than a number of other candidates in this election?

Yes, my player. I think it's a bad reflection on SUSU. Union Southampton that an American has more ideas about your SUSU than Englishers. But listen, if there's one person who's proactive, who's spunky, and who can adapt to this *Green* and pleasant land, it's me - Grant Green. (Green is the same there as in Green and Pleasant)

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I have two questions: 1) What are your policies on dealing with union staff or Saabs who are not doing their job? Would there be a portal where students or volunteer officers can report that? If so, who would the complaint reach? And would sufficient action be taken against them? 2) How do you plan to address the 'clique' culture in SUSU? Many students are against joining the union for this reason and have a negative view of the union. In my experience, many times information is passed on through who you're friends with rather than what you role is, which understandably causes friction. Are you aware of this issue? If so, do you have any plans to address or change it?

I'll answer both of your questions, if I may. Firstly, I'd always take a Saab into a garage if it's not doing its job. They're famously unreliable, but boy-oh-boy they run sweet. There should be a portal for complaints on SUSU. Union Southampton members, preferably a non-interdimensional one, so we can keep costs and losses to outside galaxies to a minimum. All complaints would run through me: if I'm ok with it, the people would have elected me to make that decision. In regard to the 'clique' culture, this is something you'll need to bring up with TG and ShowStoppers. They have extensive knowledge of 'West Side Story' and exactly how you clique in a song-battle and how that puts people off.

This question was also asked to Matt Cowley, Shanelle Webb, Emily Dawes, Lii MohamedAnswered by Tom on 28/02/18 16:27

From both your Surge Radio and Wessex Scene interviews, you seem so out of touch with British (student) culture. You've been here 5 minutes, what makes you think you are the right person to lead the union.

You only have to read my manifesto to realise how IN touch with you Britishers I am. I love hot tea. I have never visited the dentist. My favourite sexual position is repressed. My favourite dance is the 'please don't look at me'. After an accident on a swing as a child, I literally have a stiff upper lip. I know that cottage pie and shepard's pie are different: one can only be eaten in the presence of sheep. I am a born leader. I came out the womb with a captain's armband on. I won contest-after-contest of competitive cup stacking. I was voted 'Most Electable, Lease Erectable' in High School. I love SUSU. Union Southampton, and I'll do whatever it takes to win. In fact, if I win, I won't just give £1000 of my salary away, I'll give ALL OF IT. That's right, £50,000 towards making a homeless shelter really nice. Listen. I'm not asking you to vote for me. I'm just asking you to tick the box next to my name.

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