Oliver Johnson

Performing Arts Officer

Key Points

  • Raising the profile of the performing arts on campus
  • Encouraging collaboration, communication and support between PA societies
  • Collecting more substantial marketing information to better target our publicity
  • Communicating with external arts organisations to increase opportunities for students
  • Ensuring Performing Arts remains a priority for the union

Hi I’m Ollie and I’m running to be your next Performing Arts Officer! I’m a second year Music student so naturally the performing arts play a large part in my life. This year I’ve sat on two PA society committees - Chamber Choir and Showstoppers - as well as sitting on the Creative Industries committee as an ordinary member.

I intend to continue the work that has been done to increase the profile of the performing arts both on and off campus, making sure the student body at large is aware of concerts, shows, and other performance opportunities. This would include collecting more substantial marketing data, allowing us to better target our publicity efforts.

The performing arts thrive in an environment of collaboration and so I would like to foster a cooperative atmosphere between PA societies through PA wide events and socials to bring people from different backgrounds and disciplines together.  

I also intend to continue dialogues with Arts organisations and venues outside the union such as the Nuffield and Turner Sims to ensure that students are given the best opportunities possible.

As the union structure changes, it is important to ensure that the importance of performing arts is recognised and that our interests remain a priority for the union. I will work closely with the new VP Activities to make sure that this is the case.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and for considering me as your new Performing Arts Officer!