Sophie Bennett

Athletic Union Officer

Key Points

  • To improve the focus/awareness of mental health within sports societies.
  • Create better networking between sports.
  • Increase opportunities to join sports societies throughout the year.
  • Discuss providing wider nutritional options on campus.
  • Aim to create greater initiative to take part in sports.

In a sports community, I believe that everyone should have the ability to take part in a sport, or physical activity, for whatever reason, whether it’s for fun, for mental health, physical health or fitness goals. As a lot students going into final year, I’ve experienced the challenges and benefits of being apart of sports societies, mainly being Basketball and Mixed Lacrosse. They have really made my experience at university and I would highly encourage such an activity to other students.

I’ve also met friends from a wide range of other sporting societies, such as Kayaking, SUSURF and Korfball, hearing of the issues they face as a society, as well as what they enjoy. As a primary motivation for the role, I would love to try and make enjoying sport at university a lot easier, both for the committees that run them, and their paying members.

If elected, I would like to implement a ‘Mental Health in Sports’ awareness week, similar to that of Woman in Sport, but giving students more opportunities to join sports societies throughout the year and demonstrate the benefits of sports to a positive mental wellbeing.

Lastly, I aim to improve the relationships between sports societies to improve collegiality, and promote positive social environments for those within Team Southampton, by working alongside their social secretaries and creating more sporting social activities, including both drinking, and non-drinking events.