Laura 'Elizabeth' Barr

Vice President Welfare and Community

Key Points

  • Improve accessibility, experience and follow up of support services on all campuses
  • Create clear procedure for reporting rape and sexual assault
  • Campaigns on suicide prevention, with a focus on target groups e.g men/medics
  • Focus on the competitive pressure within sports and mental health e.g eating disorders
  • Instead of BE the voice, GIVE the voice to students. #RAISETHEBARR

Hi! I’m Laura, and I do English, Philosophy and History. I’m also President of the Sexual Consent Awareness Society and Southampton Hub.

You should vote for me if you want to see REAL change happening at the University and the Union. As much as we need to make sure welfare is engaging, we need to make it accessible, and this means holding university support structures to account.

We need to #RAISETHEBARR on what we expect from our University and Union.

As president of SCA, I have already led Southampton’s first ever all student survey on sexual assault and rape, which you can take at bit.ly/sca_survey, and within 2 years, led an opening of the conversation with the University, which I am currently working on. In my first year, I won an excellence in volunteering award for starting the sexual health campaigns you are seeing in halls today. I have also been an intern for the STRIVE scheme at the Union and on Male Mental Health at Student Minds.

I cannot be THE voice of the students here; I believe in campaigns being student led, I can facilitate and empower other students to use THEIR voice and make an change.

I have already been working in many parts of the university, such as consent in medicine, welfare and consent in sports, and leading multiple campaigns about sexual consent in an informative and supportive way. If you would like to see the campaigns I have led and planned, visit SCA Southampton on Facebook.

If elected, I will be carrying the work I am doing now with changing how welfare is approached and delivered. We need to make welfare accessible for all students.

We need to recognise the unique impact of different issues on different student groups.

I will give the BAME student population more of a platform rather than talk for them.

I will focus on male mental health and suicide, and on mental health within medicine and sports.

I will focus on making support services adequate for all needs.

My main plan is to create a clear reporting procedure for victims of sexual assault, rape, and other forms of hate crimes. This will be partnered with a review of the current disciplinary process, focusing how we can educate other students, as well as provide support for those affected.

Support networks need to be marketed properly, they need to be accessible by all communities, and they need to have consistent follow up so that the University is fulfilling their duty of care to our students.

There needs to be a recognition and acceptance of what issues have faced different students, and we need to be inclusive in how we approach them. This position isn’t just about making welfare engaging, it is about making real, institutional change, which I have already been working towards the last 2 years. Lets #RAISETHEBARR of what we expect with our student welfare.