David Hendry

UHS Officer

Key Points

  • MedSoc common room WILL be beautiful
  • Work closely with iSolutions for all the tech stuff
  • Try to open up the area next to AMT cafe
  • Sacrifce my degree for the greater good
  • Remain the keenest medic

Hey hey, David here again, because I just love not taking a break from roles.

Although this is a new position, it encompasses a few of the same responsiblities that I've been doing this year as Faculty Officer. I'll work tirelessly, as per usual, to make sure student feedback regarding the hospital grounds is acted upon. I will ensure that not only Medic voices are heard, but look to work with all HCP courses to make sure everyone is happy.

This year's achievements: I've helped get our South Academic Block doors fixed (oh my goodness finally); I've helped sort new Microsoft Office packages for the UHS computers in the library; we've re-jigged the library in response to student comments; we got Eduroam rolled out across the whole hospital; the SUSU sabattical officers FINALLY got a wonderful tour around UHS; and last but not least, I personally bleached the heck out of those manky ol' microwaves.

If you ever want to start a student revolution or just get those lil' things sorted, I'm the guy for the job. Make UHS Great Again. #MUHSGA