Nik Mukherjee

Union President

Key Points

  • Publicly challenge the University on decisions adverse to students
  • Ensure a financial guarantee from the University to the Union
  • A complete overhaul of the SUSU website, improving communication
  • Foster a positive, warm community spirit within the Union
  • An encouraging, supportive atmosphere for students with mental health difficulties

Pick Nik For Union President

Hello! My name is Nik, and I want to be your next Union President. I’m a third year Psychology student, who has been involved in many aspects of University life; such as volunteering with Amnesty and FemSoc, and playing on the American Football team.

You can keep up to date with my campaign on my Facebook page (https://tinyurl.com/yx9momxk).

Here are some of my plans if I am elected.

Wellbeing and Sustainability

The everyday wellbeing of students at the University should be the Union’s top priority.

  • Provide more Mental Health resources, showing people what is available to them and how they will be supported.
  • Continue the Sexual Assault report, including data on sexual assaults on campus that the University has collected
  • Broaden the focus of the Sustainability zone to develop improvements to recycling on all sites; not just Highfield
  • Ensure University building lights are turned off at night to save power and reduce our carbon footprint
  • Introduce an online reporting system where you can anonymously report misuse of Library services
  • Free condoms and sanitary items available discreetly within the Union, extending the service the University Health Service already provides

University/Union Relationship

The University is pivotal in setting the Union’s limitations. As President, I will be a resolute bridge between Union and University communications, fighting for your best interests and putting students first.

The University’s income is increasing, but SUSU isn’t being allowed to grow at the same rate.

  • Endeavour to secure a baseline grant for the next ten years to guarantee funding from the University, set as a percentage of its previous year’s surplus. This protects the Union from having to place the University’s needs before the students’
  • I will fight to increase the funding-per-capita from the University’s grant, which was reduced in 2018
  • Bring the Union back to the students, and no longer prioritise University marketing

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies are a huge part of what makes our Union great, but there are avenues for improvement.

  • Broadcast University sport matches online and on monitors in the Union buildings
  • Improve the room booking system for clubs and societies. Announce when bookings are available at the beginning of Semester 1, and provide a society-only period of booking
  • A defined and supportive process for managing intra- and inter- society conflicts, utilising student officers to resolve society conflicts that can’t be resolved within committees


Effective communication with students is key to improving transparency, engagement and accessibility.

  • An extensive redesign of the SUSU website: making it more user friendly, cleaning up dead links and ensuring all important information is included
  • Comprehensive training for and communication with student officers, ensuring they are fully equipped to fulfil their roles
  • For one day each week, establish a Sabb office on a different University site. This will allow students on all sites to access face-time with Sabbs
  • Inform students of facilities’ closures in advance (e.g. the Bridge)

Thanks for reading my manifesto. Remember to vote Nik #1 for Union President.