Joel Jordan

Arts and Humanities Faculty Officer

Key Points

  • I will fight against cuts to education and support services
  • I will prioritise the wellbeing of students in our faculty
  • I will strive to give students a say in university policy
  • I have worked this last year to improve student representation
  • I understand SUSUs procedures and limitations

Hi, I’m Joel, a second-year History student. I’m running to be your Faculty Officer because I want to ensure that students in our faculty have a powerful voice and meaningful representation (pardon the cliché). This year I have sat on SUSU’s Education Zone, served as an Academic Rep and a Senator. In these roles, I’ve acquired a firm understanding of how SUSU works, but also how it doesn’t, and how easily feedback and concerns are lost into a bureaucratic void.

This year, I have seen that tangible change in SUSU is only achievable when you push for it. Simply pointing out a student’s concern and moving on is not enough. If elected, I will work with your Reps and Presidents to take your feedback all the way to the top and pursue it as far as possible.

Moreover, in my roles this year, I have been involved in numerous projects that I see as valuable opportunities to improve the university experience of Arts and Humanities students:

  • I was involved in the creation of the Academic Rep review working group, where I am working to give reps broader responsibilities and a larger stake in departmental policy.
  • I’m involved in the You Make Change review, through which I hope to give School Presidents a more decisive role in the running of both SUSU and the university.

If elected, I hope to progress on this work and:

  • Fight education cuts;
  • Raise awareness of support services;
  • Improve the affordability of printing.