Raymond Effah

Medical Society President

Key Points

  • SUSU to invest into UHS - Common Room Microwaves
  • Revamp family system to cater to different needs
  • Boost the range of events to cater for all in interesting ways
  • Encourage ideas & feedback through social media
  • Publicise scores of sports team + discounted entry to some events

From first year rep to events rep to Medsoc President. Surely that's the only natural progression! People who know me, will know very well my love for a good medsoc event. However what they may not know is that as I eat my salty cheesy chips from Chic-O-Land, I'm calculating my next move. 
A strong advocate of improvement and refining, I believe Medsoc can go even further to aid you through your medical degree. From social, welfare and educations there's always more we can do, always things we can do better.
Born in Germany and raised by Ghanaian parents, I am no stranger to the importance of hard work and (German) effiency. Principles I'd apply while working as your Medsoc President. Along with living it up at all the amazing events we'd have. Roosters, WAMsoc & Revue have been such a great part of my medic journey so far. Going forward I would want Medsoc to keep on encouraging all medic societies and ensure they keep making everyone feel they have a place to let their talents loose.

If you have any questions or ideas you'd like to be see down in Medsoc, my inbox is always open. Either email me at rwe1g17@soton.ac.uk or send me a message on FB!