Oliver Davis

Athletic Union Officer

Key Points

  • Work with VP Sports to organise events and support clubs
  • Continue to promote women in sport
  • Increase communication with all Clubs
  • Help integrate more Clubs into the AU community
  • Promote more transparency with the Grants system

In my experience at this University I have been involved with both sides of the AU community. Both have sat on several large and complex Club Committees; as well as currently working on the AUC as the AU Secretary, and the AUC’s representative on the Sport Zone Committee.

I want to encourage more transparent and pro-active communication between Clubs and the AUC, especially involving the Grant application process. It’s far too common for Clubs to not understand how or why decisions have been made, and for the AUC to not fully understand the Clubs that their decisions affect. If communication is more pro-active and open, then it will make everything easier.

The Women in Sport week is an amazing initiative, but it needs more focus and more obvious PR to improve it.

There are Clubs within the AU that are relatively autonomous and don’t take fully advantage of everything the AU and SUSU can offer them. I want to try and reach out to all clubs and make it clear what is available and how the AUC can help them.