Jessica Paternoster

Education School President

Key Points

  • To effectively lead and organise course representatives from all years.
  • Help ease the transitions of change in the Education School.
  • Listening to, and acting upon the student voice.
  • Ensuring established positive changes continue.
  • Being approachable for prospective and current students.

From being the year one Course Representative to becoming the Education School President, I have become aware of the significance of collaborating with staff and students to increase and improve university experiences for both prospective and current students. Planning for new representation roles for PG students and the establishment of new undergraduate programme directors have been discussed this year, which I would like to help facilitate the smooth transition of, hence this re-nomination. I acknowledge the importance of having a President who is approachable and who effectively leads representatives from all years whilst simultaneously listening to, and acting upon the student voice. I believe I have met this, and want to continue into my final year. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure of leading student-led Education visit-day talks through this role as a Student Ambassador with course representatives and ambassadors. This has been an exciting and successful change implemented this year, which I want to ensure remains. Thus, I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with the undergraduate representatives, specifically first years to ensure they experience a positive start studying at university.  To support this, I invited my year one Course Representative to the Academic Awards that I was nominated for, to provide future inspiration and show the impact of academic representation across the university. Winning the “Faculty Academic Rep Award” in 2018 and being nominated for this in 2019 illustrates my commitment to representation; however, I feel I could continue to benefit the programme in additional ways if re-elected.