Key Points

  • Regular feedback forums
  • Access point for all social science students
  • Commitment to meetings concerning the faculty officer
  • Wellbeing of students and faculty engagement
  • Represent all social science students to the relevant bodies

Hey, I'm Parth and I'm running for Social Sciences Faculty Officer because I want to make sure that you have good representation and a voice.

If elected, I will encourage regular feedback sessions for the faculty. I will always push feedback and make sure I get a response. I want to boost support services for students and make them well known too. I want to improve staff-student communication. Effective communication between staff and students is important. I know a lot of staff in the social sciences as I have branched out with my course so I believe I can achieve this. 

I am a Course Representative and sit on the Education Zone and therefore I believe that I have knowledge of academic representation and understand the needs of social science students. In addition, I know what SUSU can do and cannot do and thus have the flexibility to help solve feedback. On the Education Zone, I have looked at changes, improvements, and feedback university-wide and have been a part of the deliberation process. Furthermore, this skill has been improved by also sitting on staff-student liaison committee meetings.

I believe that I have good time management so I will always have time to be a listening ear and an access point for the faculty. I am committed to the faculty as I am Deputy Coordinator for the Buddy Scheme. This means that I coordinate buddies and deliver training to help new first year social science students.