Mina Erten

Psychology School President

Key Points

  • Becoming a second-year 'Psychology with Law' student, running for president.
  • Will work to integrate PscyhoSoc as the coming Vice President.
  • Passionate to address all student concerns and wishes consistently.
  • Ensure increasing opportunities for individual growth and community building.
  • Work to bridge students and faculty, continue all established developments.

Hi! I’m Mina Erten and I would like to become Psychology School President next year. The leading experience which has made me want to nominate myself, is that this past year I was a first-year course rep and had numerous chances to work with other course reps and faculty members to enhance our student experience. Seeing everyone’s willingness to contribute to being apart of our psychology community and address all student issues immediately has been inspiring, as has being able to make the changes asked for. Having fostered these relationships, I’ve also found being a course rep an amazing way to meet more of our rich community. This has led me to become Vice President of the Psychology Society for next year (to all dancers, I’m also Social Secretary for our Contemporary Dance Society), which I believe would give me ample opportunities to integrate the society more with our school. If selected, I would not only keep all the successful developments from our previous president, Elliscia McKeogh, alive, but also work to provide constant opportunities toward individual growth. This year I was fortunate enough to win the Libby Huck Memorial Award, which enable me to travel to Paris and present research on behalf of our university, which was an outstanding experience. I want to work to ensure everyone feels as lucky as I to be apart of this community. If given the chance to do that, I promise to always be accessible, friendly, considerate and active in fulfilling these promises!