Key Points

  • I am friendly and approachable.
  • I enjoy working in a team.
  • I am currently a first-year course representative.
  • I am confident to open up discussion and speak up.
  • I have previous experience in similar roles.

With such a small course, we have a real opportunity to connect students between years and between staff. This can help make improvements to help the years that follow us. By supporting everyone and catering for each person, our course can continue to evolve into one that benefits everyone.

This includes creating a welcoming environment for first years so that the course is enjoyable for them. On top of this, it includes helping when issues do arrive through a student support network. At my sixth form and high school, I was involved in buddy schemes that have helped me grow in this role. I will also be a buddy this year which will help me connect with the new students.

Everyone should have a chance to be heard and have someone who can share their feedback with. This may be raising concerns or suggesting improvements but also bringing forward positives about their experiences.

I worked with both students and adults in the past through my role as a student leader, Girlguiding leader and event planning for Girlguiding celebration events. I am also a social secretary for Southampton’s Student Scout and Guide Organisation where I have integrated into the student community.