Adrian Li

Chair of Senate

Key Points

  • Advocate for student consultation and deeper discussion.
  • Hold elected Sabbatical Officers accountable.
  • Provide a well-advertised public forum to allow you input into SUSU’s political direction.
  • Two-term Faculty Officer involved in Faculty policymaking, SUSU bylaws and student consultation.
  • Current Disciplinary Chair, Zone Senator and once-acting-Chair-of-Senate.

Senate is currently developing with new ideas and remits being added every year. It is SUSU’s highest political decision-making body and the platform through which we hold our elected Sabbatical Officers accountable.

My vision for Senate is a well-advertised public forum where we can give you (the student body) the platform to input into SUSU’s political direction, a platform where we can ask Sabbatical Officers the tough but necessary questions, and the means through which we can effect the change you want to see.

I believe my various roles in SUSU make me the ideal candidate to be Chair of Senate. As a two-term Faculty Officer I have been involved in Faculty policymaking, in SUSU by-law writing and in student consultation. As Disciplinary Chair I have an in-depth knowledge of the rules and an impartial approach to situations. Finally, I currently sit on Senate as a Zone Representative and have already been holding Sabbatical Officers accountable and been participating in meaningful discussions impacting the wider student body. I have also chaired a Senate meeting this year in the absence of the elected Chair. All this experience makes me an ideal candidate for the role.

Whilst Senate is made up of elected officers, I will be an advocate for wider student consultation and deeper discussion over key issues, giving a voice to the student body as far as possible. I will be impartial and fair to all parties and ensure you have the chance to hold your Sabbatical Officers accountable.