Daniel Akhter Hussain

Sports Participation Officer

Key Points

  • Encourage participation in both competitive and non-competitive sport
  • Influence less represented groups in sport.
  • Raise greater awareness about Women, Disability and LGBT+ sports people.
  • Promote an active and sporting lifestyle.
  • Tackling down barriers associated with sport.

Hi, I'm Daniel Hussain and I will be running for this year's sports participation officer. I am a current member of Southampton university canoe polo club and hold an existing position on committee as the clubs recent elected treasure. My passion for sport only begun at the start of last year when joining Southampton university and being exposed to the amount of sport the university had to offer. I want to create a more welcoming sporting environment for all and support others in discovering sports during their time at university. This inclusion and encouragement in sport can be reflected in my manifesto.

  • Encourage participation at both competitive and non-competitive level no matter your previous experience or current sporting ability.
  • Lead the way in influencing current less represented groups in sport
  • Continue the successful growth and development of women in sport week as well as the introduction and support of disability awareness in sport and LGBT+ in sport.
  • Encourage everyone to lead a more active and sporting lifestyle. Through the promotion and enhancement of more university taster sessions. As well as supporting external FREE sporting opportunities such as park run.
  • To work alongside VP Sport and the AU committee in making sports a more welcoming environment for all. Tackling down barriers and reaching for individuals to give it a go.

Thank you for your time and don’t forget to vote Daniel Hussain from the 15th– 17thMay.