Laura Smith

Psychology School President

Key Points

  • Be a friendly face anyone can turn to.
  • Ensure all lecturers provide recorded lectures, particularly in 3rd Year.
  • Convey student concern and comments to lecturers to act on.
  • Communicate with other subjects and share successful strategies.
  • Work with lecturers to provide the best course possible.

Throughout my time at University I have dedicated myself to being a bridge between the lecturers and students, to raise our concerns and solve issues, as well as point out what works well in the student's point of view. I hope to continue to represent my fellow students further as the School of Psychology President, where I will be able to take our comments one link further up the chain and enact positive change within the students union. 

If I am elected, you can guarantee that I will try my hardest to improve not only the academic side of University, but the social and physical aspects as well. I will aim to add more sporting events with the lecturers, as well as more socials including free food; who doesn't love food, especially when it's free? I believe I would be suited to the role as I have been a Course Representative for the previous 2 years and represented the students successfully during the confusion of strikes last year, in conjunction to my positions on committees on countless societies. I hope you consider me for the role of your Psychology School president, and hope to be able to continue to represent the students regardless of the outcome.

I'm a friendly face often seen popping up in the front of lectures, so if you ever have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me through facebook or email ( and I'll try and help as best I can.