Benjamin Shaw

Volunteering and Fundraising Officer

Key Points

  • Build and create relationships between Volunteering and Fundraising societies
  • Volunteering opportunities within the local community open to all
  • Facilitate sharing experiences so all can learn from them
  • Create a social aspect for all volunteers
  • Continue to build on recognition systems for all volunteers

My main goal is to create and build upon existing relationships between the volunteering and fundraising societies. Having been the External Engagement clubs and societies rep this year and on the committee in the previously I have insight into other parts of the zone and have seen all sides of it. Good relationships will allow people from different societies to work together to be able to achieve more than alone.  

I would also like to create a social aspect for all volunteers within the union by holding events not only to celebrate achievements but to give the opportunity for people from different societies to get to know each other in a less formal setting again linking back to my previous point of relationship building.

Being part of the Southampton community is important to me and as such would like to make sure there are regular opportunities to volunteer within the community to make it a better place to live for both students and locals.

My main experience of Volunteering and Fundraising is being part of RAG for four years and on the committee for two. This means I have a lot of experience in volunteering and fundraising which will allow me to do the role effectively. I believe that the experience that any individual or a society has should be shared effectively to help all student fundraising whether it be a success story or something that wasn’t. Together we can achieve more and make the world a better place.