Alexandra-Ioana Mihesan

Ocean & Earth Sciences School President

Key Points

  • Increase transparency regarding how student feedback is used.
  • Improve presence of OES employers at job fairs.
  • Enhance the inclusion of SOES in University events.
  • Ensure focus on student interest when creating/modifying modules.
  • Increase advertisment of Careers services and opportunities for SOES students.

As SOES School President, my main goal would be enhancing communication between students and academics, making sure that student voices are heard and listened to. I would work towards ensuring a higher degree of transparency between the academic body and the students concerning how their feedback is used and how the modules improve every year as a result of their feedback.

I would use this opportunity to work towards the improvement of existing modules and the creation of new ones where necessary; my interest would be to actively focus the attention of the academics who create and change modules on student need and satisfaction, and to propose and support changes that would improve overall degree quality, knowledge, level of transferrable skills and student enjoyment and engagement.

I would concentrate my efforts towards improving the presence of companies operating within Ocean and Earth Science, and especially the marine biology sector, at University job fairs and on ensuring these events, together with internships and other opportunities for improvement, are well advertised so that students know what’s available to them and how they can enhance their degrees. I am interested in further advertising the Careers services offered by the University, as well as in promoting a bigger number of CV workshops per year.

I would work towards a better inclusion of SOES and NOCS in SUSU and University-ran programmes, reducing the feeling of exclusion that sometimes arises (and shouldn’t) out of simply being located on a different campus.