Thomas Fish

Law School President

Key Points

  • Make law more sociable and inclusive
  • Increase mental health support, especially in exam season
  • Provide assistance with those with disabilities
  • Ensure students are properly aware of upcoming law events
  • Make law fun!

Hi, I am Tom. I am in my second year of studies, very approachable and hard working. I am running for the position of 'Law School President' as I am committed and invested to my course. My organisation, dedication and resilence is something I pride myself on. These qualities will be transferable to provide better exposure for the voices of law students, reflecting their needs and wants. Law is a stressful subject, a large proportion of our time is spent doing independent work which means we are unable to socialise with our peers. Providing a platform to make more inclusive and social I feel would boost students enjoyment whilst studying. Further, I will work with the Law Societies, listening to help harmonise and bring together the law student community.