Cloee Goes

Business School President

Key Points

  • Make sure your voices are heard!
  • More opportunities for students
  • Bring positive change
  • Improve communication with students of the Business School
  • Unity among Business School students

Hi, I'm Cloee Goes and I'm in my 1st year of BSc Marketing and I would love to be elected as the Business School President for 2019/2020!

As someone who has had almost 3 years of experience in hospitality, I've gained excellent communication, customer service skills and a strong ability to work with a team of people in order to achieve goals. I have also strengthened my communications skills through being elected as Publicities Officer for the Cake Decorating Society 2018/19. Now, I'd like to take those skills and use them to improve the Business School here at Southampton and make it the best it can be. 

If elected I aim to:

  • Ensure your voices are heard through communicating with course representatives and students in the business school to bring up areas of improvement and work towards a better Business School for all students.
  • I also want to make sure everyone is more aware of the opportunities that are on offer at the Business School by having a closer-knit method of communication between students through social media.

I think this would benefit the Business School greatly as we rely on students within the school, to be the best that you can be, so that we together are the best Business School. However, I can’t achieve all of this without your vote so please support me in the upcoming elections! If you vote for me, you will be supporting a dedicated and committed Business School President.

Thank you, Cloee