Janusz Swierczynski

Business School President

Key Points

  • I want to represent my peers from the Business School
  • For students to get the most out of University life
  • Organising and promoting initiatives
  • Collecting and actioning feedback
  • Making sure everyone's voices are heard in the Business School!

I can see myself being the Business School President for several reasons. I have quite the friendly personality, making me a great candidate to be able to work as a metaphorical bridge between students and the University when it comes to collecting and passing on feedback. Like many others, I’ve had a great first year at UoS but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be any better; I want to make sure that by taking up this role, I can improve university life for other students in the Business School by making sure that my peers’ voices are heard and actioned. Essentially, I’m excited about this role, I think it’s a great opportunity to be able to get involved in my school and represent others and their views. I’m keen for other students to see that there is more to University than just attending lectures, that there is a whole community here that is working in their name. I have a strong ambition for organising events and initiatives, which aim to make university life more exciting. Most recently, I lead the organisation of the end of year social for first year marketing students, which was a great success! I have always been engaged in academic representation roles throughout my school years and think these experiences will help me in this role. :)