Key Points

  • Third time re-running candidate.
  • Strengthen communication within all departments.
  • Will push for clearer requirements in Module Handbooks.
  • Make staff aware of student needs.
  • Encourage the purchase of more essential reading material.


I am Edit and I am re-running for the School President position because I want to continue to help students, push for development and ensure good representation in our School. As I have two years of experience, I have knowledge of the relationship between students, student representatives and staff and therefore I can act on any arising issues and provide feedback in a timely fashion.

What I plan to do:

Strengthen communication within Social Sciences and make staff aware of student needs – which I have been working on for the past two years;

Ask students which textbooks they believe are limited in the library– there is a library budget that we can make use of and we should let the library staff know of our needs;

Push to make requirements clearer in module handbooks – some information gets lost in the many pages of the handbook, especially in dissertation module handbooks.

Furthermore, I will make sure that there will be frequent and exceptional communication throughout the student representative levels, staff and students from each Department so that information reaches everyone.

Thank you!