James Woodward

Medical Society President

Key Points

  • Be visible so together we can build a better MedSoc
  • Improve support for mental health and studying
  • Work tirelessly to benefit you
  • Run completely revamped, more inclusive and bigger events/balls
  • Reinvent your MedSoc

Hi MedSoc! I’m James and I want to be your President.

But I want to emphasise the “your” in there. I want to be the president for YOU, all of you together and each one of you individually. I won’t stand here and list what I think you care about. I want you to tell me. Yes, I will be bringing my plans (and believe me I have plenty) but what I need from you is your voice and your ideas, so I can be your voice too. If you see me around in the next couple of weeks (I’m usually in the patterned trousers) then stop me and tell me your ideas and your passions. Ask me how we can work together to make your MedSoc the best it’s ever been!

I am and have always been extremely passionate about the medical society here at Southampton. I’ve loved writing your bulletin, helping with every event and attending the national MedSoc conferences. From all of this I’ve learnt how much potential there is in a MedSoc. Let’s unleash it. I want to build our community together, making it stronger than ever. I will support your societies to develop and grow. Run bigger, better, more inclusive events and balls. Add to our offering of support with mental health and education. Listen and be completely open. But most importantly I will make it your society for support, fun and community.