Grace Lampkin

Vice President Education and Democracy

Key Points

  • Improve representation of all students
  • Teaching during the pandemic that is flexible
  • A university experience during the pandemic that's value for money
  • Learning and assessment that takes all student views into account
  • Promote 'You Make Change' and implement more students' ideas
  • Recognise that many students don’t feel represented by SUSU. I will actively reach out to students to hear your voices and I will not be afraid of making changes that students want to see from your Union.
  • Recognise that SUSU cannot be fully representative until it represents and respects all students, regardless of their background, gender, sexuality, age or skin colour. The student’s union must work harder to combat issues such as racism and homophobia within the Union, the university and the student community.
  • Lobby the university for a blend of online and in-person teaching that is flexible, provides an effective learning experience and is value for your money.
  • Ensure that the university is transparent in their approach to learning and assessment, particularly during the Covid-19 crisis, and takes into account all student views at every decision making point.
  • Continue work to get all lectures recorded, consistently, across all university degrees and modules.
  • Increase amount and regularity of communication between students, their course reps, academic reps and the VP role. Feedback should not be restricted to termly meetings, but encouraged throughout the year.
  • Promote the You Make Change and similar platforms and dedicate more SUSU resources towards making students’ ideas a reality.