Mina Erten

Psychology School President

If there’s one thing that can be said about me with complete certainty, it is that I am passionate about our school. My involvement and dedication to the school begun my first year when I became course rep and walked into the SSLC meeting with pie charts and statistics of feedback. Since, I’ve served two years as course rep, won two student enrichment grants and become president of the Psychology Society.

I decided recently to run for this position, not because I wasn’t keen on it from the get-go; but because I wanted to ensure I would be the best candidate for the role, with enough time and care to dedicate to it. I think this itself is a testament of the respect I have for our school.

I’ve spent the past two years working with Elliscia and Laura, our past two presidents, and learning from them. I spent countless hours going through surveys, preaching student feedback throughout last years’ lockdown. I’ve also been told that since becoming PsychoSoc President over the summer, I’ve made great improvements to the society which you can find scattered across our social media. I’d like to believe these prove that I am qualified, do whatever is necessary for results and prioritise student opinions, as a student representative.

If elected Psychology School President, I promise this is the attitude I will have while working every day for undergraduate and postgraduates alike, to ensure, even at these trying times, Psychology is a home to us all.