Paddy Deegan

Halls Officer

Hello my name is Paddy Deegan I am currently a 2nd year physics student and I am originally from birmingham.

During my first year I lived in glen eyre halls of residence and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. Unfortunately I was also one of the students forced to spend the whole of the lockdown and summer in halls which I feel gave me some experience of the challenges of halls during covid.

If elected I would work to:

  • Prioritize the wellbeing and safety of students  
  • Keep open/ reopen as many communal facilities and study spaces as possible other the year with all relevant measures to ensure safety.
  • Try to improve and increase the publicity of supportive services available to halls residents.
  • Where possible advocate for moving of residents (where consenting) to create flats of students wishing to shield beyond the legally required covid spread prevention laws.
  • Try to encourage a friendly and supportive atmosphere in all halls of residence.
  • Engage with residents to bring their opinions to light and to effect halls policies based on those opinions.