Sumit Dalmiya

Enterprise Officer

I would like to nominate myself for this prestigious position in our esteemed university as I believe that I can contribute immensely in this role with my strong industry experience of 10 years working across the globe in several countries. I can help all the students with the career and employment services provided by our UoS so that they can get regular updates for the job openings which they are interested in which would lead them to their desired path of success and fulfillment. Having a strong desire and analytical bend of mind for entrepreneurship,I can help form teams within the university where we can discuss the ideas and have a platform to showcase and get appropriate support. Also having worked on several industrial projects I can contribute with my plethora of skills to get new projects delivered which would help the university in its growth and also benefit the team members gain the industrial experience and skills required to work in the real life environment in the best multinational organisations or even go on to launch their own companies in the future.