Jacob Deepwell Backstein

Aeronautics and Astronautics Department President

Hello, my name is Jacob, whilst I have only been at the university for a short while I would hope that this would be good an opportunity to help my fellow students. Since I have been at the university I have been Admin and Owner of the first year UoS Aero & Astro Discord and have been trying to be an active part of the community by creating various helpful resources such as the Infamous Equation Booklet, Organising the locations of Lectures, Important Information and other resources to easy to click links on the Discord, and helping out various people with problems from Maths to CAD to the Mechanics of Flight weekly quizzes. I attempt to be as approachable as possible and am always up to help anyone with anything they need. I believe my experience with running the discord and with community engagement would make me the Ideal candidate for being the Aeronautics and Astronautics President.