Ilayda Tuccaroglu

Sociology, Social Policy and Crimonology Department President

As last year's sociology and social policy course representative, I have realized how feedback from the students is very important for the improvement of our department and for the university to take action accordingly. Every one of us experience different things throughout our university life, and every feedback and insight we provide has the potential to change things. I am aiming with the department presidency to make the students aware of their power and encourage everyone to reflect on their ideas. I am currently the education secretary of the Federation of Turkish Cypriot Students studying in the UK, which has helped me to improve my communication, leadership and administrational skills. I think the experience I have gained as an education secretary and as the course representative, will guide me and enable me to gain experience by volunteering for SUSU. I believe compared to other subjects, social sciences are left behind throughout the university and I think it is important for us to empower this department. I am ready to collaborate and communicate with each and every student; I am willing to listen to your feedback in a friendly manner and represent your ideas to the staff to make changes according to your experiences. During these stressful times of the pandemic, I am ready to take on this role and to help all students, whether on or off the campus, as much as I can.