Behrad Koohy


Key Points

  • Ensure Sabbatical Officers meet the goals they set out
  • Ensure decisions are made with student wellfare as priority
  • Make SUSU more proactive in representing the student population
  • Make SUSU provide more services to students with remote learning
  • Ensure that SUSU is more transparent with the student population

Hey, I’m Behrad, a third year Computer Science student.

As a senator, my job would be to approve the plans of the Sabbatical Officers and to ensure that they stay on track to achieve their plans during their time at SUSU.

The past 12 months have been incredibly difficult for everyone, particularly students. The University has been forced to make decisions at the cost of the student population. I believe that these decisions should have been made with a greater focus on student welfare.

I believe that there is a large portion of the student population who do not feel adequately represented by SUSU, and I am adamant that SUSU can do more to support students in the current pandemic. Supporting students has been particularly difficult as many students have seen their courses fulfilled remotely, and therefore have been unable to take advantage of the services provided by SUSU. I believe there must be a more proactive approach throughout SUSU to ensure they represent the entirety of the student population.

Furthermore, I would ensure that SUSU - particularly the Sabbatical Officers - are more transparent and consistent throughout the decision-making process. A crucial element of this is better communication with the student population and the reasoning behind the decisions being made public.