Patrick Riley

Philosophy Department President

Hi, my name is Patrick. I will be doing an MA in Philosophy next year so I am very interested in keeping the Philosophy department as good as it can be!

As I have studied here for three years (and done a full year in normal times), I feel like I have a good understanding of how the department runs and would try to represent the undergraduate and postgraduate students equally. As I have got to know a number of staff and students from Philosophy through my course, Open Days, societies and having worked as an Academic Rep before I feel like I will be able to be approachable about any problems people have.

Over the past year I have really enjoyed the challenge of trying to help communications going between the humanities departments and their students, making suggestions and help changes such as to the way assessments would be marked in my role of Humanities School President and I would like to have another official role in giving students a voice more specifically to this department I study in.

Also, I have worked with and know the previous Philosophy Department President well so I can discuss the best ways to do this job without having to start from scratch at the beginning. The previous student officers have done so much for me and my peers and I would love to try my best for my department and help to make Philosophy and it’s courses the best they can be.