Chloe Eddy

Education School President

Hiya everyone! I’m Chloe, a second year BSc Education Student.

Student voice has celebrated many successes this year in the school of education; we have established regular Q&A’s to help with covid anxiety, regular coffee mornings to meet virtually and are beginning to work with staff to review our programme outcomes. As your Education School President, I want to continue the hard work that has begun this year!

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all in unique and challenging ways, and as we return to on-campus learning, we as students need support from staff more than ever to overcome this disruption. As your president, I will ensure all students feel they are receiving the support they deserve- not only academically, but also support for mental health and wellbeing. Further to this, I will work with EduSoc to continue to promote a sense of community across all years of study.

I am passionate about students’ active participation in higher education, and will endeavour to continue working with staff to establish a student-staff partnership in the Education school. Within this, I will continue working with students and staff to review our programme learning outcomes and ensure they promote racial literacy. It is my belief that our curriculum should reflect the diversity of our student body, and decolonising the curriculum is one of the many ways this will be achieved.

As your school president, my main priority will be ensuring every student feels happy, safe and represented during their studies. Thank you!