Kestral Gaian

Student Trustee

In the three years that I’ve been here at the University of Southampton I’ve been on a society committee, been a course rep, run events at a department level, and generally done my best to be an active part of university life.

After organising fundraising and events designed to help LGBTQ+ students feel less alone in my first year, SUSU awarded me ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the volunteering awards. Since then, I’ve gone on to raise thousands of pounds for local charities, two of which I am now involved with at a voluntary and trustee level.

I believe that I would make a great student trustee for a number of reasons. My passion and tenacity are things that I wear on my sleeve, but I also bring a level of experience, scrutiny, and authenticity to the role. Being part of a minority community has given me an eye for unfair treatment, and I want to do what I can to help ensure that our union is there for every student at this amazing university.

If elected I will hold SUSU to account on behalf of the wonderfully diverse student population at this university and ensure that it puts the needs of its members above all commercial and political interests.

My Five Key Points:

  1. Fairness: I will fight to ensure that SUSU is operating in a way that is fair and open to all students by regularly polling student groups to gauge how they feel and make this heard at all levels of the union.
  2. Equality: Protected Characteristics aren’t just checkboxes – and I pledge to make accessibility and equal treatment a priority, creating regular reports on the equality of the work that SUSU undertakes.
  3. Accountability: I plan to ensure that SUSU works for its members, over and above all commercial and political interests.
  4. Simple Language: Through blogging and regular updates, I intend to add a layer of transparency to SUSU’s internal workings by talking about my work in an accessible way.
  5. Relentless Positivity: Let’s face it, there’s far too much negativity involved in campaigns and committees. Let’s change this together with optimism and unconditional positive regard!