Jamie Biltcliffe

Sustainability Officer

Hello! My name is Jamie, and I am a second-year History (with a Minor in Geography) student. If elected as your Sustainability Officer, I would bring my own passion for sustainability, along with determination to significantly increase communication, awareness, and engagement between students and the University on sustainability issues.  

I believe the University should strive to go even further than its current sustainability targets, to create a sustainable environment that students and staff can be truly proud of. As Sustainability Officer, on behalf of the student community I will push the University to fully implement, and aim to go beyond, its Sustainability Strategy, to ensure that we live and work in an environment that is contributing towards the urgent fight against climate change. 

I believe the University has the opportunity and responsibility to act as a role model of sustainable practices for other institutions in Southampton and the local area. As such, I would push to make sure the University aims to be the most sustainable large institution of its kind in the local area, if not beyond this. As an issue which many of us are passionate about, I want to be able to engage other students with the University’s progress towards sustainability, with an environment where suggestions and concerns from students can be heard and make a real difference. Furthermore, I would seek to ensure that societies, particularly political and social awareness societies, strongly consider sustainability issues, and use their platforms to promote sustainable practices.