Ryan Couchman-Sawyer

Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

Hi, I’m Ryan and I’m running to be your next FELS Faculty Officer. I’ve been involved in student representation for the pass three years at university being both a course rep and school president for two years. I have had a lot of experience representing the views of my fellow course mates and would love to use my experience to represent all students within the faculty. With this role I intend on ensuring that students voices are represented fully across the faculty. I will ensure all schools are equally represented at meetings and that their voices are heard by the university.

I also want to make myself an approachable person to listen to any concerns students across the faculty have. I want to use my personality and experience to work with the faculty to provide better mental health support for all students, especially around deadline/exam weeks. I want to ensure students feel that their voices are heard by the university and will work alongside SUSU and the uni to ensure that everyone has a voice.

I hope you vote for me.