Beatrice Pout

Geography and Environmental Science School President

After being course representative for Environmental Science for 2 years, I feel that I have gained the necessary experience for being school president. Increasing communication between students and staff within the school is essential in helping develop positive relationships and allowing everyone to have the best university experience. I genuinely care about everyone’s opinion and I want as many student voices to be heard as possible.

Living with students from both geography and environmental science equips me with a broader school-wide knowledge, emphasising the differences and similarities between the two courses; both have positive and negative aspects that can be intertwined with each other.

I am so grateful to have been asked to be on the SBS Advisory Group for incorporating sustainability into all degree programmes. I think this experience will aid me in sitting on School Programme Committees, as well as co-chairing SSLCs.

I want to organise and advertise more socials, events, and volunteering opportunities within the school. After the past year, I think it’s easy for people to feel out of touch with the university and their peers – hopefully 2021/2022 will be a lot brighter.

I have worked with many members of the School, including Simon Kemp, Kate Parks and Jo Nield within the school on committees and panels, and I’m confident we will make a great team.

I’m an organised, passionate, and kind person who wants to help make the School of Geography and Environmental Science the best it can possibly be.

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