Jema Green

Geography and Environmental Science School President

Through the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent academic provisions and revisions, I have been probably one of the most vocal students, expressing my and my peer's concerns to whoever would listen and/or be able to help. After this turbulent year and a bit, I have become familiar with many of the lead lecturers of the Geography and Environmental Science department. I would like to migrate my role as an external voice, to one which has the opportunity to directly express my, and my department's critiques and praise directly to those who have the power to enforce adjustments.

Furthermore, as a soon-to-be fourth-year international student and previous secretary of EnvSoc, I am fully aware and have likely experienced many of the issues which students within the department may be facing. I pride myself on not only being able to empathise with individuals but also helping them through whatever they share with me.

Through all these experiences and my general willingness to tackle issues head-on, I believe I would serve well as the Geography and Environmental Science Department president.