Thomas Phipps

Enterprise Officer

I am confident that every student has an idea for a business at some stage during their uni career; whether that be a small side hustle, freelancing, or even the next big mobile app. Having been lucky enough to have been supported on my own startup journey, I want to take enterprise from being a niche offering at Southampton and make it something that everyone knows about and has equal opportunity to access. Whatever your academic background or enterprise experience, Southampton should provide the opportunity to learn the skills that students need to start their own ventures as well as provide ongoing support along the way.

Voting for me as Enterprise Officer will secure this for every student on campus.

Since joining as a first-year, over 6 years ago, I have taken part in almost every startup and enterprise initiative the University has to offer. Whether that be through the Business Innovation Programme, Student Enterprise's Business Basic Series, the SetSquared 3 Day Startup Programme, or even raising investment and showcasing my startup at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas - thanks to the amazing support of Future Worlds, the on-campus startup accelerator.

There are countless enterprise opportunities at the University, yet not enough students know about them or able to easily access them.

Over the past few years, I have been working towards changing this. Being voted in as the Enterprise Officer will enable me to push this campaign forward and increase awareness and accessibility of all these opportunities for students.

So why should you vote for me? 

Being a PhD student who has spent his whole academic career at Southampton, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of how all the various enterprise schemes work - especially since I have been involved with a number of them myself. 

I have been a member of the Entrepreneurship Society, Fish on Toast, since my first year and recently been voted in as its Vice President. 

I have supported and worked with Student Enterprise to help deliver events over the years and encourage more students to explore entrepreneurship as an alternative career option. 

I have been part of the Future Worlds Startup Accelerator on campus as well as raised ~£40,000 investment from the Web Science Institute Z-21 Fund and the Santander Seed Fund.

I have helped bring other enterprise initiatives to Southampton such as the ‘soton_codes’ initiative which I recently set up to help improve students’ digital literacy skills.

I work part-time for Creator Fund, a Venture Capital Fund that invests solely in student startups and research spin-outs.

From all of this, I have gained a wide range of first-hand experience at a variety of levels in the Enterprise Ecosystem on campus as well as regularly engaged with a range of stakeholders. I am confident that, as a result of this, I am well placed to drive change in the Enterprise Officer role. 

Want to chat more about enterprise? Contact me here: