Laura Mapstone

Environment and Life Sciences Faculty Officer

Hi! My name is Laura and I am a second year BSc Geography student. A little bit a about me is that I am part of the Ladies Cricket club and Yoga society. I have also been to some SignSoc, First aid society and HKS society activities.

The initial reason that I wanted to go for faculty officer is the frustration in how group assignments are run and assessed. Whilst I have been fortunate to be in groups with great people, there were still difficulties associated with group work – especially in a pandemic! I think the biggest benefit of faculty officer is you get to see what many different departments do and learn from what is going well.

Therefore my main aims are:

  • To improve how group work is run and assessed to be more fair and reflective of individual students ability
  • I want to listen to student feedback across the whole faculty and work together to come to useful conclusions
  • Ensure effective communication between staff and students so that students can be reassured that their concerns are being heard
  • Finally I would like to work with the faculty to address aspects of student experience that may have been missed due to the recent COVID circumstances (for example fieldwork for geographers and from other departments whatever students feel like they have missed out on).

Thank you for reading this.

I hope you consider voting for me!