Simranjot Kaur

Student Trustee

I will be the perfect candidate for this Student Trustee role because I am an interactive individual who is always involved and can effectively communicate with both the Board members and students. I intent on making sure that any student concerns are heard and dealt with in a professional manner. The voluntary work I have done with Citizens Advice as well as pro-bono work with the university shows my passion for making sure that everyone’s voice is heard (one of the core values of this organisation) whereby activate measures are taken to initiate any changes that are needed. By working as a Treasurer as part of the Feminist Society, I have gained the required skills needed to ensure that the Union takes sensible financial steps in all areas including making sure that annul budgets and funds are appropriately distributed.

As part of my role, I will make sure that I work with the other Board members to promote equality and inclusivity within the organisation. I intend on doing this by scrutinising that all the SUSU work challenges discrimination and prejudice as well as allowing for the diverse range of students to get involved with the organisation to further form uniformity. I will form a clear strategic plan for the upcoming academic year which will clearly set out all the work that the Board intends on doing as well as giving students an opportunity to raise any further queries/work that they want us to do. Moreover, I will make sure that the organisations good reputation is maintained by safeguarding that the Union acts in accordance with its charitable objectives and other guiding documents.