Jamie Maher

Aeronautics and Astronautics Department President


I’m Jamie, a third year Aero & Astro student and I am running for President of the Aeronautics and Astronautics Department. I am friendly, approachable & a good listener, if elected I hope these skills will provide a crucial link between the Department and its students. In addition to my three years at Southampton, I have spent one year studying abroad and I aim to bring a combination of both experiences to this role. As well as attending staff and student meetings, I want to introduce a few additional events & initiatives:

  • Introduce a staff & students pub quiz to build a positive community within the department.
  • Offer activities that give newer students affected by COVID restrictions an opportunity to integrate and form friendship groups with peers (quizzes, group challenges etc.)
  • Encourage and provide advice to students to get involved in extra–curricular activities, clubs and competitive teams such as a rocketry & satellite society and an Eco-Marathon or a UAV challenge team.
  • Reform the complaints process to ensure students can make complaints without fear of academic or social consequences (as seen on the BBC documentary ‘Are Universities Racist?’)
  • Reform the PAT system, allowing easier access to career advice, module options guidance and pastoral support.

After a year of disruption, I hope these initiatives will provide an inclusive and enthusiastic environment in which to thrive during your degree.