Tom Brown

Vice President Democracy and Creative Industries

Key Points

  • Wants to improve Accountability, Communication, Awareness within SUSU
  • Democracy - Improve understanding of SUSU and how to get involved
  • PA - Better funding feedback, Communication & investigate spaces
  • Media - Promote their work & provide specialised training days
  • Experienced & Dedicated member of our Union


The general themes of my policies are: Accountability, Communication, Awareness - Three areas that need to be improved across the board to create a better Union.

I’ve been involved in this Union and its Democracy from my first week where I decided to run for Halls President. Since then I’ve taken advantage of many opportunities provided by SUSU from committee positions, to being a student trustee, to enjoying shows and events and now I want to give back.

  • Make all committee minutes more accessible. Making sure that draft copies go up ASAP before being ratified.
  • Review the SUSU handout to freshers to ensure it provides useful information and explanations.
  • Update the website to make it more intuitive and user-friendly
  • Create shareable videos explaining how SUSU works democratically and how to get involved in a clear, easy to find way.
  • Use SUSU’s advertising screens, boards and social media to regularly promote YouMakeChange and important events.
  • Expand the physical presence of services like YouMakeChange following in the success of Tap, Choose, Change.
  • Give elected student volunteers more clearer, relevant training so they are fully aware and engaged in their role and enable them to properly serve their student body.

I thoroughly enjoy the work of Performing Arts and know from speaking with various society presidents from the likes of Theatre Group, StageSoc and Irish Dance, they all feel frustrated with SUSU; this ranges from funding to communication and am desperate to fix this with the following ideas.

  • For all our Clubs & Socs, provide clearer funding guidelines & more constructive feedback, to create more dialogue between Societies and SUSU.
  • Improve communication between the Performing Arts and SUSU to allow for a repaired, effective relationship.
  • Implement the fairer use of Union equipment and investigate the pricing of venues both in SUSU & the University as well as alternative spaces and venues including WSA performance areas
  • Improve PA’s stature and reputation by working with groups such as Arts at University of Southampton

The Student Media departments is an area that has run effectively and autonomously to great success but an area that still needs leadership and guidance to make it even better.

  • Provide specialised Student Media training and career days using my experience of organising a NaSTA conference. This will make our media outlets better equipped and more engaged in their field.
  • Regular Media Committee meetings to make sure they are able to achieve what they want to, as well as creating a SUSU Media Facebook page to advertise and highlight all of the great content being made by our media groups.
  • Help expand Wessex Scene and the Edge’s presence by having copies appearing in the SUSU shop, and by placing collection points in key student hotspots across Southampton and Winchester
  • Gather feedback from WSA as to how we can expand our student media groups to be more inclusive.

To find out more about my campaign and more detailed policies head to ** - Time for change? Time4Tom