Jiaxin Wang

Vice President Sports

Key Points

  • warm-hearted
  • enthusiastic
  • outgoing
  • self-motivated
  • energetic

Everywhere life cannot do without sports. We can see people’s moving figures whether in the park or campus. The ancients said: "life is movement". I hope that the students should also take proper physical exercise while studying because your health is your life. Without a good body, even if you have a good talent, you will lose the chance of success because of physical reasons. Physical exercise bring lots of benefits to us students. Come and join the team to participate in sport events, your life will become more exciting.  

I am here to run for the Sports Development Department of student union. I am not pursuing a title of student union, but to take the initiative to undertake a responsibility. I want to be a self disciplined student all the time, and take this as a standard, make every effort to contribute to the students. I would also like to take a responsibility to contribute to the construction of the school.

I know that the Sports Development department is a contact with the students and the sports department. It is also a provider for the majority of sports fans. I love sports and I want to go for those who love sports as well. I believe through various sports activities, we can increase the students cohesion, enrich our after-school life and let all athletic students give full play to their talents.

Personally, I know there are many challenges on this road, but I think I am a person who is not afraid of difficulties and have courage. So I am certain that  I can do this position, and I hope you all have confidence and vote for me. I admit that I may not be the best person, but I am confident that I am the person who is willing to make the best effort.