Steve Gore

Vice President Sports

Key Points

  • Formal representation for casual users of Sport and Wellbeing facilities
  • Academic scholarships to actively recruit elite athletes
  • Affordable lunchtime meal deal in the SUSU shop
  • More informative nutritional content labeling in SUSU outlets
  • Strong opposition to further cuts to the Union block grant
Steve Gore

A vote to re-elect Steve Gore for VP Sports is a vote for a strong, student focused candidate with a comprehensive background in intramural, local league and BUCS competitions as well as organisational experience at all levels of University sport leading up to VP Sports.

Throughout my first 7 months in office I have been commended for my sense of fairness and democratic values whilst achieving a bulk of my previous manifesto policies. Notable achievements include:

  • Increased or more appropriate block bookings for 14 clubs.
  • Casual bookings for 5 additional sports in the TSH.
  • Intramural and Semester 2 Bunfights.
  • Sport and Wellbeing agreeing to offer split payments for membership.

A majority of this work could not have been achieved without my positive working relationship with S&W and Student Services, who look to me for insightful and representational advice on many student sport related matters.

This has been a tough year for SUSU and the Sports Zone in particular. Staff redundancies and a 15% cut to sport club grants caused by the cut in our University block grant have damaged club growth and students’ opportunities. I feel that I have handled these challenges to the best of my abilities given the circumstances, and this has given me a clear idea of realistic policies for 2018/19 that are in the interest of the wider student body:

Participation and representation

  • Formal student representation for casual gym users who will meet regularly with S&W management and advise on equipment and facility issues.
  • Offer academic scholarships on the merit of sporting performance so we can actively recruit high performing athletes in areas we would like to focus on.
  • Intramural Bunfight will have more prominent timing in freshers’ timetable.


  • SUSU’s block grant from the University was cut by 6.5% last year, and the University is looking to cut this further. This has directly put some clubs into debt. I will not stand for any further reductions in the Union block grant unless money is invested back into students’ sporting opportunities.
  • Lobby for better value for Sports Pass. I would like to see more access added to the £110 product to make it better value for money.
  • Better regulation/advice on sponsorship deals between companies and sports clubs so that SUSU can follow up on companies avoiding payment and ripping off clubs.

Health and welfare

  • Introduce an affordable lunchtime meal deal in the SUSU shop.
  • Nutritional information and alcohol content will be labelled in all Union outlets, predominantly the café and Stag’s.
  • Acknowledgement by SUSU of the recreational drug culture in Southampton, and begin offering support for students to make safer decisions. This will hopefully include making drug testing kits available to students to indicate if drugs have dangerous contaminants.

Consistency in this role is hugely beneficial since Officers spend months training before being able to work on projects. If re-elected, I will be able to work on my policies immediately, as well as continuing my existing priorities of athlete welfare, better storage, and participation for all.