Patrick Gilbert

Vice President Sports

Key Points

  • More female-only Sport and Wellbeing sessions on university facilities
  • Improved links between Sports clubs and media outlets
  • Improvement in Intramural organisation
  • Expansion of sports massage scheme
  • Push for AU sponsor

I’m Paddy Gilbert and I’m running for VP Sports Development. I’m currently Club Captain of the Men’s rugby club, having been on the committee for two years, as well as being on the committees of the Athletic Union, Sports Zone and Connaught Rugby. Having been involved in sport at various levels in the university, I feel that I'm in a good position to be the person to improve the sporting experience for every student at the university.

My first concrete plan is to roll out more female-only slots in Sport and Wellbeing facilities. This was a policy that Ben Parker put forward last year running for this position that I feel was harshly criticised. There are a number of reasons as to why I feel this is a good idea, but primarily I understand that there are women who find it uncomfortable to exercise around men for reasons of modesty. An increasing number of universities are beginning to implement these women-only gym/pool sessions and this could genuinely be a scheme to improve student satisfaction.

Another plan is to try and facilitate improved links between university clubs and the media outlets. I feel this would benefit both parties in several ways; firstly, clubs could use this added coverage to help promote the club and therefore be more likely to attain sponsorship, whilst in turn the media outlets get more exposure. Further on from this, another benefit could be clubs paying SUSU TV a fee to use cameras to record their footage, before later viewing it and analyzing their performance. This would benefit both parties, with clubs benefitting by potentially improving performance and SUSU TV generating a bit of extra revenue.

One facet of university sport that has been a bit of a disappointment this year has been intramural sport. As it stands, intramural clubs only find out their fixtures less than a week in advance. This often leads to some players being unable to play for their team as they will have already arranged other plans. If elected, my plan would be to do a bit of admin in the summer (#padmin) and generate a set of fixtures for each sport before the beginning of the academic year, so students can plan around their fixtures if they want to and ensure maximum participation.

The sports massage scheme for AU clubs is also something I’d like to develop for next year. This has been a scheme that has really benefited my club this year, not only during drop in sessions but also during training sessions and match days. It has helped with injury prevention as well as the decreased recovery time for players to come back from injuries. I’d love for this scheme to become increasingly beneficial for both the clubs and for our student physios.

I have other points, but I'm running out of space:
AU sponsor
Regular student consultation to achieve a common goal
Changes to Focus Sport programme
More transparent communication with Sport and Wellbeing

Thanks, please vote