Bridge Takeover – Jollof Off!

27 Oct, -
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Bridge Takeover – Jollof Off!

This Black History Month, together with East African Society, Ghanaian Society, Nigerian Society and African and Caribbean Society, we are bringing you a taste of Africa! 

From egusi and pounded yam, to Matoke stew, to Jollof rice – you won’t want to  miss the chance to try these delicious dishes! 

At this week’s takeover, we will be hosting a Jollof Off! You can decide once and  for all who makes the best Jollof – Ghanaian or Nigerian Society! 

The Organisers

We are a student run organisation focused on providing our members with opportunities that will develop them into culturally proud and aware, well rounded individuals who feel valued during their time in higher education. Our aim is to unite students from various backgrounds through the celebration of African and Caribbean culture while encouraging them to excel in their academic and career pursuits.

We are the University of Southampton Students’ Union (also called "SUSU"). We are here to represent the voice of students at every level and ultimately make their university experience unforgettable. Independent from the University, we're run by students, for students!

Nigerian society endeavours to be a unifying body that represents the interest and speaks on behalf of all students at the University with a connection to Nigeria. Our passion is to create a platform where Nigerians can share ideas and foster better relationships amongst ourselves. We feel that a strong Nigerian society will attract more potential students from Nigeria willing to study abroad to the University of Southampton. We also believe that we could, through the Nigerian society contribute to the the rich multi-cultural environment that exists here in Southampton.

East African Society is a place for students whatever their background to come together and celebrate the diverse cultures of East Africa.

An exciting opportunity for those of Ghanaian descent, and non-Ghanaians to engage, interact, and get educated in Ghanaian culture, tradition, food, music and more. As well as, explore the various means we can extend our good-will onto those back in Ghana