European Cultural Night

14 Mar 2024,

The Bridge

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Would you like to experience more Europe?

Come along for an evening of socialising with fellow internationals over drinks, snacks and a quiz of the night with a prize! Why would you miss a chance to taste some Italian pizza, Romanian pastries, Polish snacks, Hungarian sweets, or Lithuanian cheese? You are also getting an opportunity to meet the Erasmus Student Network and discuss further plans for bringing everyone interested in European cultures together!


The Organisers

Italian Society

The Italian society organises a wide variety of social and cultural events in order to bring together anyone interested in submerging themselves into Italian culture and lifestyle. Our socials included pub quizzes, house parties and cooking nights to name a few! This year we aim to organise events in line with the COVID-19 regulations, so make sure to subscribe to our mailing list to be updated about all the upcoming activities! What are you waiting for? Join us!

Lithuanian Society

A society which brings together Lithuanian students and those who are interested in preservation of Lithuanian customs and culture. The senior members are encouraged to communicate and help Lithuanian freshers with any questions related to studies and life at the University of Southampton. The events will include national, sports and fresher's events, various sightseeing trips, film and game nights, and, the most importantly, tours to gatherings held by Lithuanian Youth Association in the UK (JKLJS) in London.

Polish Society

Southampton University Polish Society, commonly known as PolSoc, was established to cultivate and share our traditions, and to promote our culture and history among all University Students. We do that by organizing a variety of events, which primary goal is to integrate and have fun together. We are happy to provide freshers with help to make their start more comfortable in a new environment. Don't be afraid to join our society if you're not Polish! It is a great idea to explore new culture and make a lot of friends who know how to party!

Romanian Society

The Romanian Society, affectionately known as RoSoc, was founded in 2010 and aims to promote the Romanian culture, traditions and customs to all students at the University of Southampton. We want to help students get together, make new friends, look out for each other and have fun. We hope to aid new comers at the University and create a sense of belonging, provide great experiences to all of RoSoc's members and continue attracting new people in the years to come.


We are the University of Southampton Students’ Union (also called "SUSU"). We are here to represent the voice of students at every level and ultimately make their university experience unforgettable. Independent from the University, we're run by students, for students!

Hungarian Society

We are a society who welcomes Hungarian students and anyone interested in Hungarian traditions. We meet weekly on both drinking and non-drinking chilled socials. The society celebrates Hungarian traditions and holidays to help ease homesickness of members and just to have some fun! A very family-like community developed over the years, even graduated students come back to some events and we are always looking to meet new members and welcome them into the society. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of the committee members. We cannot wait to meet you!

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