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Islamic Society

Student Life

"Joining together in the mutual teaching of truth and patience".

Peace be upon you.
The Islamic Society at the University of Southampton serves a vibrant and diverse student body. We support students in learning about and practicing their faith and hope to be a platform for Muslims to come together and share their skills, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the community and beyond. The society helps to maintain an accessible prayer room, organise Friday congregational prayers and make arrangements for Ramadan as well as facilitate educational circles, social events and sports. Muslim or non-Muslim take part, question, learn and grow.

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Membership Information

These are the current membership plans offered by Islamic Society, although many groups offer a free period for new members to try out their group.

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This Years Committee

All student groups within the Students' Union are run entirely by students. The student committee for Islamic Society this year are:

  • Ahmad Yasin
  • Junaid Mahomed
    Vice President (Male)
  • Sameer Mohammed
  • Tayyib Goolamallee
    General Secretary
  • Aaliyah Abdalla
    Vice-President (Female)
  • Rawan Al-Omari
    Dawah & Education Officer (Female)
  • Moncef Nasri
    Dawah & Education Officer (Male)
  • Mariyah Moolla
    Publicity Officer
  • Shaheer Ali
    Social Officer (Male)
  • Tasneem Bawendi
    Social Officer (Female)
  • Faisa Warei
    Sport Officer (Male)
  • Muhammad Ali Shiwani
    Sport Officer (Male)
  • Ban Alrawi
    Prayer Room Officer
  • Faizan Ghodiwala
    Prayer Room Officer
  • Kamran Zaabar
    Communications Officer

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