There is a wide range of volunteering opportunities to enrich your time at university, hone your skills, meet new people, increase employability and establish lifelong friendships.


SUSU offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities from running in our elections to helping lead a student club or society. There are also other opportunities led by the University and local organisations in Southampton.

Volunteering Societies

We offer a range of volunteering societies

Volunteering at SUSU

Run for election for one of our roles

University Volunteering Bank

Opportunities via the University

Southampton Voluntary Services

Opportunities in the local community


All clubs and societies and any student wishing to raise money for charity must legally run the event through Southampton RAG. This is because charity law states that one charity (SUSU) cannot donate to another, and all students are included as members of SUSU. All you need to do is email rag@susu.org

If you want to raise money for amazing causes, you can volunteer with Southampton RAG or any other fundraising society. If you have a cause you care about and want to run your own fundraiser, Southampton RAG can help with advice and promotion.


If you're holding or considering running for an elected role within SUSU and need help or advice, please contact representation@susu.org

If you:

  • are on a club/society committee
  • volunteer with an external organisation
  • have a great volunteering idea
  • want to get involved with volunteering

and would like support, please contact activities@susu.org

Volunteer Transcripts

SUSU will provide you with a "Volunteer Transcript" listing all the voluntary positions you’ve held within SUSU and any voluntary awards you've received. This includes officer roles, course representative positions, club and society committees and the Society and Volunteering Awards.

You can access your individual transcript here